Macquarie University, Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Major, Politics.

Macquarie University, Diploma of Education with Honors (Dip. Ed, Hons).


Luxury Real Estate Awards

Luxury Property Development - Award Winner - "Best Luxury Residence" 


Global Luxury Real Estate Empire

Susan, following her mothers footsteps, who is a licensed real estate broker and residential and commercial property developer, branched into property acquisition and development of commercial and residential real estate in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Susan is an award winning property developer, having won the prestigious "Best Luxury Residence" award for a multi-level waterfront mansion she constructed in Brisbane, Australia. In 1998, Susan founded a real estate development company in the United States centered on the acquisition and development of luxury real estate.


Charitable Donations and Fundraising

Over the years, Susan has hosted charitable fundraisers and personally donated millions of dollars to charitable organizations. These organizations include without limitation, charitable fundraisers for the Royal Blind Society, Crippled Children's Society and the RSPCA and substantial donations to various organizations including Habitat for Humanity. As a real estate developer, Susan strongly supports the construction of affordable housing for families worldwide. Habitat for Humanity has built 800,000 houses in over 100 countries around the world, providing more than 4 million people with safe and affordable shelter. 



Defamation Lawsuit

Ms. Hannaford launched a landmark $250 million dollar defamation lawsuit in the United States against an Australian news network for amongst other causes of action without limitation, fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, falsification of evidence, doctoring of interview footage and defamation per se


Ironically, Ms. Hannaford's thesis in her B.A, majoring in politics was on the topic "Bias in the Media". Ms. Hannaford is also advocating congress for new legislation mandating internet providers maintain terms or service that provide immediate avenues of redress for victims of defamation by deception, including the falsification and doctoring of interview footage, more commonly known as "fake news".


*Update July 27, 2021: The Seven Network case has been settled and all defamatory content has been removed and retracted by the network.


Award Nominated Actress

Susan Hannaford is best known for playing the youngest and only girl, shy and conscientious, ten year old Kitty Sullivan on the multi award winning hit series, The Sullivans.


Successul Modeling and Early Career

In her early career, Susan was a highly successful model for various products including brands such as Coca Cola, Polaroid Cameras, Alpine Cigarettes, Kodak Cameras, Clairol Hair and featured magazine covergirl for publications such as Dolly Magazine and countless others. Susan was also featured in countless high fashion publications including Harpers Bazaar and Vogue Magazine.


Haute Couture Fashion & The Bold and the Beautiful

Susan's global fashion empire, included five luxury flagship couture retail stores in Double Bay, New South Wales. Susan expanded her brand to the highly prestigious and glitzy Fred Hayman Designer Boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Susan went onto launch the Australian release of the Bold and the Beautiful in conjunction with Channel Ten at her flagship store in Double Bay, New South Wales. 


Susan Hannaford was written into the Bold and the Beautiful as herself, a famous Australian fashion designer and the collection she designed was aired on the Bold and the Beautiful Runway Fashion Show, recorded in CBS Studios, Los Angeles. 


Accomplished Author

Susan is also an accomplished author signed by Headline Publishing Group (formally Hodder Headline), one of the largest publishing houses in the British Commonwealth. 


Personal Life with Emmanuel Margolin

Susan's love of her life was renowned luxury real estate developer and one of the richest men in Australia, Emmanuel Margolin. Susan and Emmanuel lived with their beautiful daughter at Notre Dame, known as the "Best House in the World" by the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. 


The Notre Dame mansion featured an approx 56,000 square foot private residence, situated on over 103 acres featuring, without limitation, the worlds largest private zoo featuring exotic animals, olympic size equestrian arena, shinto shrine and helicopter landing pad. 


Susan and Emmanuel both spoke French fluently. As a gift of his love, Emmanuel gave Susan her own lion cub, as a birthday present. Susan and Emmanuel together purchased nearly every animal in the Notre Dame private zoo and many Andalusian Stallions. Susan was featured in high fashion model shoots for various fashion magazines with exotic animals including Susan walking with unrestrained black panthers from the Notre Dame zoo.

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